You decision : Why Guttomat ?

Expert-handwork from Austria:
Until 10 Years Warranty.

Guttomat doors are high-end products made in Austria. Beyond the competenz of our experts in the production, new technologies and materials are implemented in our product offer, through the Research & Development. Our comprehension of our customers needs allow us to improve the quality of the products, that wan be mounted more than 1.000km from the factory.

Patented, rewarded Technologies.

Our engineers are in the front line for researching & developing new products, functionalities and tendancies in the industry of garage doors. Guttomat has already been rewarded for its innovation.

Austria. Our pledge.

Our competence is born in Austria, it has developped in Austria, it continues in Austria. Guttomat is an important company in the area. Our pledge.

Professional Adviser. 

Based on the combination of a tech-hotline and the tech-sales representativ, you will find by Guttomat a professional advice to face almost all situations. Our competencies through the company allow us to deliver precise advices to our customers.

Exklusiv Material and Forms. 

One major standard by Guttomat : Aluminium. Our Premium-Linien are fitted with manufactured Aluminium Panels bringing top characteristics to the door. Aluminium rails are also a standard in our private-garage door offer.

Beyond everything : Our doors are fitted with glazing, wood, stone, or stainless steel. The only limit is your imagination.

Controlled quality. 

At Guttomat, every door fullfils the european quality & security standards.


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