AVALON: The side sliding sectional door

The elegance and ease of a side sliding sectional door seeks out its own kind. Our technology offers outstanding advantages in comparison to conventional overhead sectional doors, for example a significantly higher resistance to wear and tear due to the lack of spring units or its natural door function.



  • Foamed 40mm panels for high thermal and noise insulation
  • Aluminium rail and height adjustable aluminium carriage for perfect floor adjustment
  • Fittings in high grade steel for optimal stability and corrosion protection
  • Height adjustable brush seals at the bottom for optimal insulation
  • Low guide pads for optimal door sliding
  • Low ground rail track instead of high-maintenance U-profiles
Carriage in aluminium, height adjustable
Fittings in high grade steel
Brush seal at the bottom, height adjustable
Low guide pads and rail

Views for side sliding sectional doors

Alu fram with infill
Alu frame without infill (BFA), with individual cover plates

Bead 1
Center bead
Bead 4
Raised panel 49

Over 1.000 colours and 3 metallic shades

Preferred colours ans metallic shades:

RAL 9016 Verkehrsweiss
RAL 1015 Hellelfenbein
RAL 3003 Rubinrot
RAL 6005 Moosgrün
RAL 7038 Achatgrau
RAL 7046 Telegrau
RAL 8001 Ockerbraun
RAL 8003 Lehmbraun
RAL 8014 Sepiabraun
RAL 9006 Weißaluminium
RAL 7016 Anthrazitgrau
RAL 7035 Lichtgrau
Metallic DB 703
Metallic DB 702
Metallic DB 701

Metal structures

Metal structure wood (only in steel desgin)
Metal structure stucco (in aluminium or steel design)
Metal structure smooth finish with film wooden decor Golden Oak (only in steel design)

Windows - 100% UV resistant

With plexiglass or plate glass (ESG or VSG possible)

No inlays

Door operation - proven in endurance tests

Our motors economize on everything. Except performance.

  • Very fast opening and closing
  • Solid design with strong toothed belt or chain
  • Sliding protection
  • Can be openend very easily by hand in case of a power failure
  • Automatic power shut off in case of danger hazard

Opening variations

  • Fingerprint
  • Radio code push button
  • Key-operated push button
  • Durable manual transmitters
Radio code push button
Key-operated push button
Durable manual transmitters