Custom Shop - Design your Garage Door yourself

Guttomat garage door overhead sectional door Pegasus premium aluminum door

Your Door is you wish it - without Limits

Aluminium frame construction as the support element set up for customer-provided overlays, drilled holes with 35 mm spacing for the fixing of the different overlays.

If required, this door system can be mounted flush with the façade.

Stone, copper or wood – with us, there are virtually no limits to the overlays.

Through milling work in the aluminium plate, there is the also the option of giving your door a personal touch. Whether company logo or family name, design your door yourself.

Here you can find more information about our Guttomat sectional door flush with the facade.

Special Design Options for the Surfaces

Guttomat Garagentor Fassadenbündige Sektionen

Sections flush with the facade

Guttomat Garagentor Alurahmen Sektionen mit Füllung

Guttomat aluminium frames

Guttomat – Die Tormanufaktur – Einzigartige Sektionaltore Made in Austria - Fräsung

Guttomat milling work

Guttomat Garagentor Bauseitunge Beplanung Füllungsauflage

customer-own panelling

Reference objects

Whether in a wood look or with a sheet metal cover - our Guttomat individual doors are versatile and technically sophisticated as well as elegant, robust and unique. We are also happy to produce your garage door according to your ideas and wishes. Let our reference objects inspire you to design your new Guttomat door system.