The ideal and space-saving solution for your garage.

Rolltor für Garagentor von Guttomat

Guttomat roller doors can be used for commercial and private areas. In the private sector, we recommend the use of a thermally insulated aluminum profile (optionally with a slat height of 55 or 77 mm). Roller doors for the private sector are equipped with a box as standard. The gate is operated by an integrated tubular motor.

Guttomat industrial roller doors are optionally equipped with steel or aluminum slats. With these you choose between thermally insulated and non-thermally insulated slats. The door is operated by a standard drive mechanism. This type of roller shutter is equipped without a box and is intended for indoor installation.

Functionality and Quality

  • Guaranteed quality of the components
  • Higher standard of living
  • Simple handling, modern operation and easy maintenance
  • Wide range of different designs and variants
  • Space saving
  • Economical operation and low maintenance
  • Elegance and variety of colors

Possible Uses

Options the Montage

Safe and convenient operation

Why roller doors?

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